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Configure Notifications

Receive email, browser and mobile app push notifications.


Notification settings can be configured by clicking the person icon in the top right of Avochato and then “Edit Profile”. Notifications are configured per user, not per account.

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Email Notifications

You can receive email notifications for the following events:

  • Receiving inbound text messages
  • Receiving inbound phone calls
  • Receiving a new voicemail
  • Receiving a website widget submission
  • Assigned to a ticket

Browser Notifications

  • Notify me of inbound activity owned by anyone on my team (owner and manager only)
  • Play a sound when receiving new messages in the web dashboard

Mobile App Push Notifications

  • Send a push notification whenever a new conversation begins
  • Send a push notification whenever inbound activity starts a new conversation
  • Send a push notification for any inbound activity owned by anyone on my team (owner and manager only)

You have the ability to disable mobile app notifications outside office hours or when your status is set to “Unavailable”, “Away” or “Be Right Back”. Note, statuses are available when you have the Auto-Assignment roster turned on.

Additionally, notifications can also be configured through your browser and mobile device directly. These vary depending on the web browser and mobile device provider.

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