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Creating Broadcasts

Send text messages to a large number of people in a short time.

Last updated on August 11, 2022

What is a Broadcast?

A broadcast lets you send a personalized message to your target audience and will appear as one-on-one direct messages on your audience's devices (as opposed to one large group thread). You can schedule a broadcast to be sent on a later date or sent right away.

How do I send Broadcasts?

To get started, navigate to the “Broadcasts” tab in the main dashboard and click on either “Create Broadcast” button to get started.

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1. Draft a Message

Broadcast messages are counted in segments. The “Estimated Cost” will tell you approximately how many segments your broadcast will be. The counter does not take into account variable length of fields you use.

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Insert Variables

Add Attachment: You have the option to include a photo or media attachment in your broadcast. Text and attachments will be sent and billed as two separate messages. Media attachments must be fewer than 500 kb (larger files will be compressed). If the file is too large, it might fail to send.

Insert Template: Save time and keep company messaging consistent by using pre-saved templates for messages that are often sent. Templates can be accessed in the “Templates” dropdown below your drafted message.

Embed Variables: Use any saved information of an Avochato contact (ie. their birthday, favorite ice cream flavor, or whether or not they like pineapple on their pizza) when personalizing your messages and show customers you know them well.

Surveys: Ask customers questions over text, with each answer triggering the next question. Later on, you can export survey results or log them to spreadsheets for easier reporting.

Emojis: Add emojis to give your messages an extra “oomph” when plain text just isn’t enough.


Send Now: Have your Broadcast sent immediately upon confirmation (Note: your entire audience will not receive the message instantaneously as broadcasts will send one at a time, some recipients will receive the message later than others)

Schedule Date and Time: Set your Broadcast to send at a later date and time, all times shown are in the time zone of your computer currently


2. Select Audience

Once you have drafted and scheduled your Broadcast message, the next step is to select the audience this broadcast will be sent to.

There are six methods for selecting your contacts.

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  • Upload CSV: Bulk upload an audience via the same methods used in contact uploads.
  • Fields: Select your audience via fields. This includes any custom fields you may have set up in Avochato (link to custom fields)
  • Tags: Choose groups of contacts based on tags that you’ve set up. If you select multiple tags and a contact belongs to both, they will not receive duplicate messages.
  • Owner: Add all contacts owned by a specific user.
  • Name or Mobile Number: Add contacts by their name or phone number.

3. Review Broadcast

The final step is to confirm the detail of your broadcast! In this step, you still have the option to edit the name and message of your broadcast.

Note: Once messages are sent out, they cannot be unsent.

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  • Can I use Avochato to send Group Texts? No, at this time Avochato can only send and receive messages 1-to-1. Avochato’s broadcasting feature allows you to send the same message to large groups of people.
  • How are conversation statuses tracked within the inbox? Conversations originating from a Broadcast begin life as "Closed". This default behavior prevents inboxes from being flooded with outbound-only conversations.
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