Data Syncing & Custom Object Support

So you've clicked that "Connect Production" or "Connect Sandbox" button on the Integrations page - congrats! But how does the sync work and what are my configuration options? Read on to see how Avochato for Salesforce syncs your data, and some nifty configuration options you have at your…

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Avochato for Salesforce – Avochato Setup tab

An overview of the Avochato Setup tab within Avo4SF and how to use it I. What is it? The Avochato Setup tab is a page within Salesforce the allows the SFDC admin to quickly configure their Salesforce instance to ensure the Avochato for Salesforce package is in pristine,…

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Avochato API Credentials Datatable

An overview of the Avochato API Credentials Datatable (AACD) and how to use each step A. What is it? The Avochato API Credentials Datatable allows you to easily enable your Avochato platform to send messages via Process Builder automation, List View Broadcasting, or Apex Code. To enable these…

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Avochato for Marketing Cloud Quickstart

Estimated setup time: 10 minutes Welcome to Avochato for Marketing Cloud! This guide will take you through the steps on how to install Avochato for Marketing Cloud and enable Avochato messages to be sent via Journey Builder. I. 🔗 The Link Avochato for Marketing Cloud has a simple…

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Salesforce Data Synchronization

Avochato keeps information in-sync with Salesforce using a token. If this token has expired, your Salesforce admin will need to refresh the token and adjust the settings in Salesforce to keep this from happening again. Step 1: From the “Managed Connected Apps“ page in Salesforce setup, find the “Avochato API” connected app…

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