Contact Actions

Keeping an active and updated contact list is important. We have a number of features that help you accomplish this.  Here are the actions you can take on the individual contact page in Avochato (Contacts tab > Select Contact > Click “Actions”):  BlockPrevents calls or texts from either…

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Avochato allows you to sort and filter your inbox by a number of variables to make it easier for you and your team to view relevant tickets. What can I filter by? Status: New, Open, Closed, or PendingAssignee: Which user the ticket is assigned toUnresponded Only: Only tickets…

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What are Tags?

Tags allow you to easily segment your contacts into groups. You can tag each contact with as many or as few tags as you like. Tagging grants you the ability to customize and organize your contact list into manageable groups. Tagging also provides a useful way to keep…

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What are Unaddressed Conversations?

Unaddressed Tickets are an organizational feature in Avochato to help keep track of tickets that need your attention and those that do not. To the left of each ticket in the “Messages” tab is a yellow flag that can be manually toggled on and off. A ticket becomes…

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How to Configure Notifications

Notification settings can be configured by clicking the person icon in the top right of Avochato and then “Edit Profile”. Notifications are configured per user, not per account. Email Notifications You can receive email notifications for the following events: Receiving inbound text messagesReceiving inbound phone callsReceiving a new…

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How do I add contacts? Does Avochato support bulk import?

How do I add contacts? Does Avochato support bulk import? It's simple to add contacts individually or in bulk (via .CSV) with Avochato. To add contacts, go to the Contacts view within the left sidebar in Avochato: Next, in the upper-right hand corner, select "Import" (for bulk upload)…

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My Inbox

By clicking on “My Inbox” on the left sidebar, you’ll be taken directly to conversations that are assigned to you. The conversations will be sorted by the longest wait time and filtered by unaddressed only.  Default filters for “My Inbox” In the “My Inbox” tab, you will still…

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Tips for Managing Your Inbox

Lifetime Conversations Avochato provides a switch called Lifetime Conversations, which keeps conversations with a given contact bucketed within the same "ticket". With Lifetime Conversations, you are able to see the whole conversation history, not just the messages sent since the last time the ticket was opened or created.…

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What are Logs?

By navigating to the “Logs” tab you can see a full record of all inbound and outbound messages from a particular inbox. What can I see with Logs? Logs will show you each individual message that has been sent or received by that inbox. It will also give…

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