Website Widget – Advanced Settings

The Avochato website widget makes it easy to let your customers get in touch with you via text message or live chat directly from your website. If you're just getting started with the website widget, please check out our help article here. In this article, we will highlight…

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Table of contents What are Campaigns?How do I set up a Campaign?How do I make sure my Campaign doesn’t send if I’m not in the office?How long can my Campaign be?What are Campaign Shortcuts?What are Campaign Statistics?Can I edit an active Campaign?What happens if someone responds to a…

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Website Widget

What are website widgets in Avochato? Avochato allows you to create personalized chat widgets to embed on your website. Once enabled on your website, the widget provides both a channel for your customers to opt-in for future SMS messages, but also a method for starting an instant chat…

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How to use Keyword Auto-Responses

Keywords will trigger an automated response whenever someone texts the defined word to your number. Tips Pick words that are not common one-word text messages. Keywords will trigger auto-responses whenever they are received, even if they are sent during an active conversation.You can use multiple words or phrases.The…

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How to use Surveys

Surveys automatically ask a list of questions and have the ability to save the responses to a contact’s profile. A survey is initiated by a contact sending a text message of a specific keyword or phrase or by sending a survey shortcut ($survey_surveyname). Setting up a survey In…

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Templates are saved text (or media) that can be used in messages and broadcasts. To create and edit templates go to the main Avochato panel then “Settings” > “Templates." Creating templates To create a template, navigate to Settings > Templates. Here, you can pull in both custom and…

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Overview of Automated Responses

There are a few ways to set up automated responses in Avochato. Automation is imperative while maintaining a personal and tailored experience for your customers. Auto-responses Auto responses are text messages that can be configured to send automatically whenever someone texts or calls your number. You can also…

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How to set up Auto Responses

Auto responses are text messages that can be configured to send automatically whenever any of the following actions happen: Someone calls for the first timeSomeone texts for the first timeSomeone reaches outside of office hours Setting up auto-responses Someone calls or texts for the first time In the…

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Rekindling Conversations

Rekindling is a feature that schedules a predetermined message on a time delay. This is great for support teams who need to send a gentle reminder as they are awaiting a response from a customer. How to Set Up Rekindling Note: You must have Owner or Manager permissions…

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