Phone calls in Avochato

Making Calls Avochato makes it easy to stay in touch with your contacts with phone calls. By clicking the phone icon in the upper right corner of a conversation, you will immediately make an outbound call to your contact. On the desktop, the audio will go through the…

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How do I set up a voicemail in Avochato?

Go to Settings > Recordings & Voicemail to set up your voicemail.  A voicemail message can be set by uploading a pre-recorded audio file.  Your file must be in .mp3 format. Click on “Custom” > “Upload a custom voicemail” > find file to upload. We have a default…

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Can my number only receive texts, not calls?

While incoming calls cannot be fully turned off, contacts can be notified that a line is only used for texting. This can be accomplished by providing this information in the greeting or voicemail recording. More on voicemails [here] All incoming calls can also receive a text message from…

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How do I forward phone calls to another number?

You can configure your call forwarding settings in Settings > Call Forwarding. You can forward calls to as many numbers as you would like. There are two forwarding options: Rotate forwarding (default):  The customer will hear a brief message and then hold music.  Avochato will start by dialing…

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