Adding More Segments & Billing Management

There are a number of different actions you can take on the Billing Tab. If you are on a trial account and you want to purchase a plan, you will do so here. Select the plan, insert your credit card information, and your subscription will be up and running after a quick review from our team. Existing customers are also able to complete a lot of billing rated tasks which our outlined below:

Buy Additional Segments

If you need additional segments, buy a bundle and have them immediately added to your account. Message bundles are active up to a year from original purchase.

Buy Additional Avochato Users

If your team is growing, you can add more users to your account by adding the quantity desired and completing the checkout flow. Once the payment succeeds, you will be able to invite the additional user(s) on the “Invite Users” tab.

Enter Customer Portal

Enter the customer portal if you need to update your credit card, print receipts, or see when your plan renews.

Subscription Management

If your time has come to an end with Avochato, you can select “Cancel Subscription” towards the bottom of the page. After answering a brief survey, you can submit your cancellation request, and you will not be charged going forward.

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