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Adding a New Inbox

Learn how to add a new number for your business.

Avochato allows you to have multiple inboxes for your organization. Each inbox will have their own respective number that you can use to send and receive messages.

How many inboxes can I create?

An organization can only have as many inboxes as they have seats. If your organization’s plan currently has 5 seats, you can create as much as 5 inboxes. If you want to create a 6th inbox, you’ll have to purchase an additional seat.

How to add an inbox?

  1. Go to your Avochato account and you’ll see a “+” button at the left side where all your inboxes are located. Click this to start the process of adding a new inbox.
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  1. Input the desired name for the new inbox.
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  1. Lastly, select a phone number for the newly created inbox.
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After selecting a number, you will be taken right away to your newly created inbox. You can immediately use this to send and receive messages for your business.

The new inbox will be added as a new bubble at the left hand side of your Avochato account. You can navigate through your different inboxes by clicking these bubbles.

Can I use an existing business number for my new Inbox?

You can definitely use your existing non-Avochato number for your new inbox. Please select a temporary number during the inbox adding process and then contact our support team by texting 415-214-8977 so that we can help you connect your existing non-Avochato number to your new inbox.

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