How do I set up Zapier?

What is Zapier? Zapier is a 3rd party software that allows users to build automation and integrations between other web applications. Avochato has an integration with Zapier that allows users to connect their Avochato account with thousands of other software platforms. What are some Zaps I can build?…

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Google Sheets Zapier Integration

Using Zapier Webhooks, you are able to have Avochato survey results automatically sent to other platforms. In this example we are demonstrating how to send survey results to a Google Sheet using Zapier’s Webhooks. 1. Create the destination spreadsheet First, create a spreadsheet that will serve as the…

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Shopify Integration: Send SMS to Abandoned Carts

1. Configure Zap Once you have created or logged into your Zapier account, click "Make Zap" . Configure your zap to mirror the the example above. 2. Install Zapier in Shopify Next, Zapier will prompt you to add your Shopify account. In a popup window, when prompted enter…

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