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Inbox Management

Helpful tips on managing inbox by using inbox mode, compact feed, lifetime conversations and auto-close conversations.

Last updated on February 9, 2022

Inbox Mode

If you prefer a compact view of the Avochato inbox, go to the person icon in the top right click "Edit Profile". Under Inbox Settings, you will be able to turn on "Inbox Mode". Inbox Mode gives you a birds-eye view of conversations when you log in, or by clicking "My Inbox" or "All Messages" tabs.

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Compact Feed

Enable Compact feed by clicking the shrink/expand icon to the right of the filter. As you hover over a conversation, the details will be revealed to you. The active conversation will remain in the message panel until you select another message or move to a different tab.

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Lifetime Conversations

Avochato provides a switch called Lifetime Conversations, which keeps conversations with a given contact bucketed within the same "thread". With Lifetime Conversations, you are able to see the whole conversation history, not just the messages sent since the last time the ticket was opened or created. If Lifetime Conversations is turned off, each new conversation with a customer that is opened and then closed will be in a separate ticket. Settings > Conversation MGMT > Lifetime Conversations.

What happens to old conversations?

By default, conversation tickets remain open until you close them.  Even once you close them, they are never deleted -- they can still be viewed in two ways on the Messages tab:

  1. Click Filters > Status > Closed to show all closed tickets only.
  1. Click Filters > Show Closed Convos to show closed tickets along with all other tickets in your messages tab.
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Show closed tickets, as well as other ticket

Show closed tickets only


Auto-Close Conversations

Under Settings > Conversation MGMT > Auto-Close Conversations, you can elect to have inactive tickets automatically closed after a certain number of days of inactivity.  Just like with manually closing tickets, nothing is actually deleted.

What if you receive a text from a closed conversation?

When you receive a text from a closed conversation, it will change the status from closed to open. With Lifetime Conversations turned on, you will see the entire conversation history. With Lifetime Conversations turned off, you will only see the inbound text.


When a customer opts out of receiving messages (texts in STOP), you can no longer text that number. If this was by mistake or a contact would like to opt back in, the contact will need to text START. You can manually opt out contacts by going to Settings > Contacts > “Given Contact” > Click Opt-Out.

There is no way to manually opt contacts back in.

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