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Utilize logs tab for a full record of inbound and outbound messages from an inbox.

Last updated on February 9, 2022

By navigating to the “Logs” tab you can see a full record of all inbound and outbound messages from a particular inbox.

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What can I see with Logs?

Logs will show you each individual message that has been sent or received by that inbox. To obtain detailed message logs, click on the Download Logs (csv.) button. You can choose to update filters before the logs are downloaded.

The logs also give you a breakdown of additional information:

  • Sent At: Time the message was sent or received
  • Origin: What triggered the message (Auto-Response, Mobile, Web, API, or Scheduler)
  • From: Sender phone number
  • To: Receiving phone number
  • Status: Delivery status
  • Segments: How many segments
  • Code: Error code (if any)
  • Flagged?: If the message returned an error code, this will provide a description of that code
  • Ticket Owner: Which user the ticket is assigned to
  • Contact Name: Contact’s name in Avochato
  • Contact Email: Email address of contact in Avochato (if any)

What about Call Logs?

Navigate to the Calls Tab in Avochato. The default view is "My Calls" but you may be able to see all call history for your organization based on your user permissions (All Calls). To download, filter by the given date range and click "update". Once updated, click "Download CSV" and the spreadsheet will begin downloading.

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