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Search your contacts by tags, field values, broadcast audience and more.

Last updated on February 9, 2022

Avochato allows you to use special search parameters to isolate contacts based on Tags, Field Values, Broadcast audience and more. Searches can be initiated within the Contacts tab of Avochato, and follow a common set of logic and search patterns.

Search by Tags

Using the following syntax (case sensitive), you can search for contacts using tags.

Find all contacts with two tags:

tags: “red” AND tags: “blue”

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Find all contacts with one of two tags:

tags: “red” OR tags: “blue”

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Find all contacts with one tag but not another:

tags: “red” AND NOT tags: “blue”

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Search by Broadcast

Using the same logic, you can search contacts by broadcast audience. Each member of a broadcast’s audience has a hidden tag specific to that broadcast. To locate the hidden tag, navigate to the Broadcast results page and click on the specific broadcast. From there, click “X Contacts”

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This will direct you to a search in the inbox. You can copy this search parameter (tags: “broadcast:xyz”) and paste it into the Contacts tab like you would for any other tag. You can also string these together using “AND”, “OR”, or “NOT” commands as highlighted above.

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You can also append different suffixes onto any particular broadcast tag to get more specific results. These include:

  • tags: “broadcast:XYZ:success”
    • Contacts for whom the broadcast message’s delivery is confirmed
  • tags: “broadcast:XYZ:failure”
    • Contacts for whom the broadcast message failed
  • tags: “broadcast:XYZ:attempted”
    • Contacts for whom the broadcast message was attempted (could include both successes and failures)
  • tags: “broadcast:XYZ:undelivered”
    • Contacts for whom the broadcast message was not attempted
  • tags: “broadcast:XYZ:replied”
    • Contacts that have replied to the initial broadcast message (before any subsequent outbound message took place)

Note: These appended tags can also be found by clicking various corresponding blue links on the Broadcast Results page

Search by Field Value

You also have the option of searching contacts by specific field value or custom field value.

Find all Contacts with a Specific Field Value:

fields:”field_name=field value”

  • Note: the field name is separated by an underscore instead of spaces if multiple words. Field value uses spaces, not an underscore

Example: fields:”favorite_movie=The Godfather”

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Find all contacts with missing value

NOT _exists_:field

Example: NOT _exists_:name will pull a list of all contacts without a name in Avochato.

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