Adding Team Members and Managers

We make it easy for you to add additional team members and set permissions. The number of users allocated to your account varies depending on the plan you are on. You can always add more users on the billing tab. Click “Invite New Users” in the Avochato menu…

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Do all users share a login and password?

Everyone on your team should have their own unique login and password to Avochato. This allows you to assign specific team members ownership over a conversation. This also allows for better management if users leave the organization or need different permissions.

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Skill Routing via Tags With skill routing, you have the ability to route tickets to dedicated agents. This is accomplished by adding tags and making them routable. All tags can be turned into routable skill tags. First, go to Settings > Conversation MGMT and toggle Enable Skill Routing On. Note, this…

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Manage Organization

How can I view statistics across my whole organization? While most Avochato analytics within an account inbox can be found under the "Analytics" tab, organizations who have multiple inboxes may use the "Manage Organization" panel to view users, accounts, and usage across inboxes. Users with "Owner" roles have…

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Auto-Assigning Agents to Conversations

Avochato makes it easy to manage conversation ownership in your inbox when you have multiple team members. You can adjust this configuration in Settings > Auto-Assignment. Auto-Assign You can set Avochato to automatically rotate assigning new conversations to team members as people contact your Avochato number. Toggle team members…

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Billing Portal

Customers can access a secure billing portal via the Billing Tab in Avochato (Owner permission or Billing MGMT enabled). From the billing portal, customers have the ability to update their credit card information, see past invoices, and download invoices for record-keeping. To update your credit card on file,…

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