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Last updated on February 9, 2022

How can I view statistics across my whole organization?

While most Avochato analytics within an account inbox can be found under the “Analytics” tab, organizations who have multiple inboxes may use the “Manage Organization” panel to view users, accounts, and usage across inboxes. Users with “Owner” roles have access to the “Manage Organization” panel.

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Understanding the Manage Organization Panel

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Once you have accessed the Manage Organization panel, the dashboard shows you an overview of organization plan details, user summary, and accounts summary. Along the lefthand side there are several other tabs you can navigate to within the Manage Organization panel for insight into organization-wide analytics. These include:

  • Accounts
  • Broadcasts
  • Users
  • Reports
  • Bulk Actions


The default view of the Manage Organization panel is the Accounts tab. At the top there is an Organization Snapshot, which provides details about your current plan and segment allotment. Below there is a list of all accounts within your organization. This table displays Subdomain, Active Status, Current Phone number, Number of Users, Latest Activity, and Account Creation Date.


The Broadcasts tab displays a table of broadcasts sent throughout the entire organization, ordered chronologically. Clicking the Broadcast ID will route you to that particular broadcast page.


Displays a list of all current and former users. Admins can edit user settings by clicking the User name and then “Edit.” You can also remove a user from your entire organization on the “Edit” user page.


The reports tab displays a list of each account in your organization with usage statistics for each. At the top of the page you can adjust time filters and click “Update” to check usage over different periods.

Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions allow you to copy data and account settings from one account to another. At this time you can copy Templates, Keywords, Surveys, and Campaigns from one account to another. More information on Bulk Actions found here

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