Lasso <-> Avochato Zapier Integration for API 2-Way contact creation/updating

In this article, we will detail how to connect Avochato with Lasso, using a 3rd party app, Zapier. With Zapier, there is a wide selection of trigger actions you can choose from. For this example, we will use “New Registrant” – meaning that any time you create a new contact in Lasso, an action will be triggered. In this case, the Zap will create a new contact in Avochato.

In order to set up this integration you will need the following:

  • Manager or Owner permissions in Avochato 
  • Avochato Zapier access (included in the Standard plan or above)
  • A Zapier account
  • Lasso login credentials and the ability to access the APIs
  • Create a custom field labeled “Registrant ID” in Avochato

Getting Started

Log in to Zapier

Click the “Create Zap” button

For the first step of the Zap, search for and choose Lasso

Choose the trigger “New Registrant”

Log in to Lasso if you have not previously set up Lasso

You will need to have the proper Pro API made available within Lasso

To access the Lasso Pro API following these steps:

Log in to Lasso

1.Select My Roles

2. Scroll down to the Project Admin tab and click the gear token

3. Select Generate New API Token

3. Select the community or group that you want to use for the integration

4. Select the Pro API Key and click Generate

5. Click on community/project Show Key and copy the clipboard

6. Select the API for the community of choice in Zapier or if this is a new community create a new Project Name and paste the API Key information after selecting “Create New Account”

7. Search Avochato and click on the icon

8. Choose action Create / Update Contact click continue:

Next you can start setting the fields you would like passed through to Avochato

If there are any fields that you would like to pass through that are not standard fields in Avochato you can add them by setting up corresponding custom fields

*In order to set up any future history logging between Avochato and Lasso we need to make sure the Registrant ID field is passing through to Avochato

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