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Self-Serve Registration Process for A2P 10DLC

I’m ready to register for A2P! Is it a self-serve process?

The first question to ask is: Do you anticipate sending more than 5,000 message segments in any given day within your Avochato inbox?

  • If the answer is “No, I won’t send more than 5,000 message segments in any given day,” then the process is fully self-serve and you can complete the 3 steps below on your own. Avochato will automatically register your business and will allow you to create a low-volume use case for each inbox. If you have only one Avochato inbox (also known as a phone line), then you only need to create one low-volume use case. If you have multiple, you will need one per inbox.
  • If the answer is “Yes, I will send more than 5,000 message segments in any given day” then please only complete Step 1: Business Registration, have a look at the Standard and Special Use Cases listed here, and contact us at 415-214-8977 or We will help get your account set up with a high-volume use case to ensure higher throughput and deliverability. If you have multiple inboxes, and some are expected to be high volume but others are not, you can complete steps 1 through 3 below for the low-volume use case inbox(es), and we will help set up the high-volume ones.

How can I verify my business for A2P?

Avochato made it easy for you to register to A2P in just 3 steps:

  1. Business Registration
  1. Use Case Creation
  1. Syncing Use Case to an Inbox

In order to be verified successfully, you need to complete all 3 steps.


To start, navigate to Settings from the left-hand menu. At the top, you will see a NEW section called "Verify Business" — click on A2P & Use Case. This will take you to the “Verify Business” page.

  1. Business Registration
      • Click on the "Register for A2P" button to fill out the form. If this button is greyed out, it means your account is still in trial mode. Make sure you have upgraded your account before applying for A2P 10DLC.
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      • IMPORTANT: Please ensure your data is accurate. EIN must exactly match your business name and your business address on file with your state / government registration. Providing inaccurate business information will cause carriers to reject the application leading to additional $4 in fees for each subsequent submission. Please make sure your business type, EIN, business address, and other business details are accurate before submitting your application to avoid a duplicate $4 charge from carriers.
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  1. Use Case Creation
      • Once the Business Registration form is submitted, scroll down to Step 2 and click on "Add Use Case" to add details about your messaging use case.
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      • IMPORTANT: A Use Case helps carriers know the types of messages you will be sending to your contacts. Carriers ask you to provide two sample messages as well as a description of the type of communication you will be sending to recipients. Each use case application will be manually vetted for $15 by a Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA) so be as specific as possible to avoid a rejected application. A re-submission of a rejected use case application will incur another $15 fee. Make sure you include in each sample message:
        • Your business name when introducing yourself to a contact
        • Appropriate opt-out language such as “Reply STOP to opt out”
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      • Note: A Use Case can only be tied to one inbox, so you will need to add as many Use Cases as you have inboxes.
  1. Syncing Use Case to an Inbox
      • Once a Use Case is submitted, an 'Account' column will appear with a drop-down menu. Within the drop-down menu, select the specific inbox that the newly submitted Use Case will be assigned to. Repeat this step if you have multiple Use Cases.
      • This is an important last step to ensure your account is fully verified on A2P.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the $4 brand creation fee and $15 manual use case vetting fee refundable?

No, both are not refundable. The $4 fee is passed to The Campaign Registry (TCR) while the $15 fee is passed directly to the wireless industry’s main A2P Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA) who performs the manual vetting. Avochato only passes and does not, in any way, mark-up these fees.

Can I opt out of the manual vetting during use case registration?

No, this is required by the industry. Please note that this is different from the optional $40 brand vetting fee.

How long is the A2P use case registration process?

An A2P use case registration is considered done once it passes the manual vetting done by our DCA. This manual vetting can take up to 5 or more business days.

What happens if my campaign is rejected?

Use case applications can be rejected if you submit incomplete and incorrect information. The $15 manual vetting fee is non-refundable and a re-submission will cost another $15 fee. On top of that, a re-submission can take another 5 or more business days to review and be approved by our DCA. We highly suggest that you verify the information you include in your A2P 10DLC use case application to avoid rejection and unnecessary fees.

Can I still send messages during the vetting process or if my use case is rejected?

Yes, however these messages you send will incur higher per message cost and will be sent through a non-A2P 10DLC route. This means it will be more expensive to send messages and it will be subject to higher filtering.

Does A2P apply to Canada?

No, sending messages from Canada to Canada is currently not in the scope of A2P. However, if you are a Canadian business that is sending messages to US recipients then you will have to comply with A2P rules and register just like any other US businesses.

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