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Last updated on March 11, 2022

We are so excited to announce the redesign of our inbox! 🎉

Inbox Design

  • Filters: We cleaned up the filters menu (note: "My Inbox" still applies the same default set of filters).
  • Sort: We added sorting the inbox to outside of the Filters menu and into its own a dedicated dropdown menu.
  • Tags: We modified how tags appear in the inbox list. Now, only the first few tags will appear with additional tags being nested under a ‘+’ button you can click to expand.
  • Inbox Actions: We moved our inbox actions to a sub-menu. To access, click on the three vertical dots to access these actions (Refresh Inbox, Pause Live Inbox, and Reset).
    • Notion image
  • Views: We added a dropdown menu of three set options for how to view the inbox: Classic, Compact, and Wide (note: wide-compact has been removed).
    • Wide View & URLs: This view allows you to open a conversation as a half-window pane on the right side of the screen, making it easier to navigate between conversations without losing your position in your inbox. The URL will change as you open a conversation - this way, you can ‘copy + paste’ the URL link to that conversation or refresh the inbox page and still remain on the conversation.
      • Notion image
    • Wide View & Bulk Actions: We added bulk actions to our Wide view — a top feature request from the Avochato community! Using the checkbox on the left of the conversation, you can assign, unassign, add a tag, remove a tag, update the status, or add to a broadcast multiple conversations at once (note: bulk actions are only compatible with Wide view, not Classic or Compact).
      • Notion image

Conversation Updates

  • Assignment Menu: We have added autocomplete by name or email to find teammates to assign to.
  • Character Counter: We added a counter to indicate the number of segments a text will cost.
  • Contact Actions: We added easier access to editing contacts from a conversation - click on the contact name and select ‘Edit Contact’.
    • Notion image
  • Conversation Actions: We moved our inbox actions (Tags, Call, and Notes) to a sub-menu within a conversation. To access, click on the three vertical dots to access these actions.
    • Notion image
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