What’s new with Avochato?

December 8, 2020 – Rekindling Conversations & Downloadable Call Logs

UPDATE: New Emojis 🤗

The in-app Emoji list has been updated to v13 including skin tones and the ever-in-demand 🥑 emoji. To use a skin tone, enter the emoji you want to modify, then the skin tone (ex: select 🤙 followed by the skin tone block).

NEW: Conversation Rekindling

Rekindling can be used to send automated messages (ex: “Are you still there?”) after periods of inactivity from the contact you are chatting with. This can be used with Live Chat, SMS, or WhatsApp. Note: Conversation rekindling is only triggered by messages sent by a human using the Avochato inbox in a one to one conversation. (Settings > Conversation MGMT).

NEW: Contact Import Links 💁🏽‍♂️

Shortcut links have been added to each CSV Import Summary. Click either link to view a filtered list of contacts that were created or updated by a given CSV import. This will provide customers the ability to retroactively manage lists of contacts created by CSV uploads.

UPDATE: Salesforce Marketing Cloud ☁️

Added support for Merge Fields from the Marketing Cloud record associated with the Journey. Marketing Cloud Merge fields can be inserted using the %%FIELD_NAME%% syntax. Fields with no value field names will be removed from the message and treated as empty space.

UPDATE: Website Widget

Added the ability to customize the text in the widget header (Defaults to “Hi, how can we help you?”). The widget “Customize” page has had various settings reorganized to be more intuitive

NEW: Downloadable Call Logs ☎️

Added a download CSV button to the calls list. Click to download all calls matching the current filters on the page. Call download logs are similar to message logs and include various metadata including duration, voicemail URL (if any), to and from number, and timestamps. (Calls Tab)

November 3, 2020 – Bulk Account Actions

NEW: Bulk Actions 📦

Bulk Actions have been added to the “Manage Organization” tab (Available for Owners of an organization or users that have “Org Management” permissions – Access this by clicking the person icon in the top right > Click Manage Organization).

The new set of bulk actions allow you to duplicate all of the Templates, Surveys, Keywords, or Campaigns from one inbox to another.

All four of these types of objects are uniquely identified by their activation keyword (or name). If there happen to be duplicate keywords in the destination account, all information will be overwritten with the settings in the source account.

NEW: Billing Portal 💵

Customers can now access a secure billing portal via the Billing Tab in Avochato. From the billing portal, customers have the ability to update their credit card information, see past invoices, and download invoices for record-keeping.

September 21, 2020 – Broadcast-to-Owners

NEW: Broadcast-to-Owners

  • You can now broadcast to all contacts owned by a user.
  • Read more about contact owners here.

NEW: Invite Multiple Users

  • You can now invite more than one user at a time by passing a comma-separated list of user emails to the invite user page.

September 15, 2020 – Disposition Analytics + Bug Fixes

NEW: Disposition Analytics

  • The results of post-chat surveys can now be viewed in the Analytics tab under “Disposition”.
  • Post-Chat Survey results can be downloaded in .csv format.


  • A “Default Broadcast Channel” can now be specified within Conversation Management. This new option specifies whether or not to prioritize the WhatsApp channel over SMS when broadcasting to a Contact that does not have an open conversation. For Contacts with non-closed conversations, we’ll send the broadcast message via the most recently created conversation’s channel.
  • Broadcast names now appear on their corresponding Broadcast Summary page.
  • Broadcast names also appear next to the timestamp of each message in the conversation (via broadcast “My Awesome Broadcast”).


  • Campaign step intervals can now be set to “seconds” for even more granular messaging in-between steps.


  • A Contact Owner column has been added to the Contacts list, which displays the email of the user assigned to a contact, or unassigned when there is no owner.
    • Clicking the value will filter the list.
  • You can now update the owner using a “owner” column in a CSV or “owner” field name in the API and pass the ID or Email of the new owner.
    • Updating the Contact Owner will reassign all open conversations to the new user.
    • The sample Contact Import CSV file has been updated to reflect this new column.
  • Updated some grammar/pluralization in the Contact Uploads list
  • Fixed a bug where our proprietary phone number country code assumption algorithm would return the wrong phone number for certain multi-digit international country codes.

Bug Fixes: Inbox

  • Fixed a visual issue where timestamps for outbounds would fade in more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Avo Number link at the top of our header would cause iPad minis to crash.

August 24, 2020 – Marketing Cloud + Spell Check

NEW: Avochato for Marketing Cloud (beta)

JourneyBuilder support has arrived — Customers can connect Marketing Cloud to Avochato and begin sending dynamic text messages from their Avochato numbers at every stage of a customer journey!

Features include:

  • Avochato Messages can be scheduled based on Journey milestones
  • Users can select an inbox from a list in order to send a message from a different inbox at different stages of the journey
  • Messages can contain any custom fields or variables, including Avochato Campaigns or Surveys.

Note, Avochato for Marketing Cloud is currently a manual setup — please reach out to our team to fast-track getting started.


The enhanced Avochato chatbox now supports spellcheck. A red underline will appear beneath misspelled words. Spellcheck will be enabled for new users by default, but existing users will not be grandfathered in.

This feature can be turned on within the user profile menu (person icon in top right). This new spellcheck plays nice with the embedded variables (seen above) and template hotkeys!

Avochato for Salesforce

Attention Avochato for Salesforce users! If a Salesforce record has no known Avochato conversation but has a valid Name and Phone field, the Avochato for Salesforce widget will display a “New Conversation” button. When you click this button, it will pre-populate the Name and Phone field without requiring any typing.


  • The Tags list in the Settings page now indicates whether a tag has Skill Routing enabled.
  • A tag attached to more than 1,000 records now has a trailing “+”, indicating that 1,000 is not an absolute ceiling.

July 7, 2020 – Inbox Mode & Compact Feed

NEW: Inbox Mode

  • “Inbox Mode” is now available to all users and can be turned on or off under www.avochato.com/profile.
    • Enable “Inbox Mode” to be taken to a “birds-eye view” when logging into Avochato, or when clicking “My Inbox” or “All Messages” tabs in Avochato.

NEW: Inbox Filters

Changing a filter option will no longer instantly reload the inbox — in order to apply filters, you must click the new “Click to Apply Changes” button at the bottom of the form, which will turn green when any changes are detected.

This is intended to make it easier to combine multiple filter options without waiting for the page to reload multiple times.

The Inbox Filters button has been moved!

It is now in line with other inbox action buttons, indicated with a funnel icon. It will still turn green while filters are applied.

“Apply Last Used Filters” button

  • “Apply Last Used Filters” button has been added to the filters menu. Click it to instantly reuse your last set of filters.
    • Every time you filter or search the inbox, your most recent combination of filters will be stored for quick recall, and you can click this button to re-apply them (for example, if you reset the inbox or navigated away from your previous search by accident).
    • After filtering the inbox by any means, click the Apply Last Used Filters button to go back to your last used filters to the current inbox.

New Filters – Channel, Last Activity dates

  • Filter by Channel. Click the Channel to filter by SMS, Live Chat, or WhatsApp
  • Filter between Last Activity Date. Click the calendar to open a date picker and search for conversations whose last activity was between two dates.
  • Added a “close” button to easily dismiss the menu without applying filters. Alternatively, click the Filter button to dismiss the menu.

NEW: Compact Feed

  • A new Compact/Expand button has been added to shrink or expand the conversations listed in the Live Feed on Desktop.
    • A new Compact/Expand button has been added to shrink or expand the conversations listed in the Live Feed on Desktop.
    • Hover over a compact conversation to reveal the details. Active conversations will remain expanded.

NEW: Widget Submission Webhook

  • Widgets can now have a Webhook URL configured under settings.
  • The Webhook URL will receive all the data around widget submission (including all fields, browser and device data, etc) when the widget is successfully submitted.
  • Various cosmetic improvements have been made to the latest widget’s form inputs to streamline the form and standardize font sizing

Contact Imports

CSV Uploads Now Ignore Duplicates in the Same File

  • Avochato will ignore duplicates in CSV files. Any contact that is detected in a CSV upload will be ignored if we come across it again later in the file. Read more about contact uploading on our help page.

Progress Bar & Upload History

  • Contact Import page has been reorganized into three sections: Upload CSV, All Uploads, and Help.
  • A CSV Upload progress bar has been added to show the status of each upload in real time.
  • Click the All Uploads tab to see the progress of the last 10 CSV uploads in your account.
    • The history of an upload includes the number of contacts processed, the number of contacts added, the number of failures, duplicates, empty rows, malformed phone numbers, and more.

June 23, 2020 – Routable Tags

NEW: Skill Routing

  • Skill routing has arrived for all accounts. Skill routing allows you to match users with contacts or conversations based on matching tags. Learn more about how to set up and use Skill Routing here!
  • To turn on Skill Routing for a specific Inbox, go to “Settings > Conversation MGMT” and turn the “Enable Skill Routing” toggle on, then hit save. Toggle back off to disable routing via skill tags.

Push Notifications

  • Our proprietary Push Notification delivery mechanism has been upgraded for enhanced deliverability. All existing push notification functionality and settings remain unchanged.
  • Push notifications are now delivered in real-time resulting in quick response time for our customers!

My Inbox

After clicking “My Inbox”, you can now properly uncheck “Unaddressed Only” without first having to deselect the sort option for “Longest Wait Time”. Avochato will automatically change the sort to “Most Recent” instead of “Longest Wait Time” when deselecting Unaddressed Only.

May 26, 2020 – Live Chat + SMS

  • **AvoChat has arrived!** Combine the live chat functionality to the Avochato Website Widgets all feeding into the Live Inbox.
  • Widgets have a new default appearance, with sleeker headers, transitions and conversation animations
    • New widgets will default to this experience regardless of account or organization status.
    • On mobile, the live chat conversation screen of the widget will now use the full height of the device. Note: If you are upgrading a legacy widget to use the new ui (see below), using this mobile full-screen feature requires re-embedding the widget javascript snippet.
  • All new widgets now have a new mandatory checkbox for TCPA compliance when “Text With Avo” experience is enabled.
    • This update does not apply to “original” website widgets (created pre-2020) which only have disclaimer text, not a checkbox.
    • Disclaimer text can be customized per widget.
    • Checkbox must be clicked in order to proceed to submit the widget and receive a text message. Phone number is also required before the SMS button can be clicked.
    • Any account can now Enable Live Chat in the Widget Settings page. However, only users with a Live Chat Seat assigned to them can respond to live chat conversations. Navigate to the Billing tab in Avochato to purchase additional seats.

May 18, 2020 – Media Templates

NEW: Media Templates

Media Templates have arrived! Media templates are templates over MMS.

  • You can now add an attachment to a template. Upload a file to a template under Settings > Templates to turn it into a Media Template. If you send a template shortcut from anywhere using $template_keyword, Avochato will send the template and the attachment automatically.
  • Media templates can be used throughout Avochato (anywhere you can use a regular template) including Auto-Responses, Keywords, Broadcasts, and more. Moving forward, the ideal way to send reusable media through automation like an Auto Response or Keyword is to simply set the auto-response to be the $template_keyword for a Media Template.
  • A Media Template attachment is sent separately as an MMS and costs one additional segment per message, similar to MMS Broadcasting.
  • Media Templates are limited to one attachment per template.
  • Media Templates support all standard MMS file types including jpeg, png, gif, svg, pdf, vcard
  • Search has been added to the Template Settings page
  • A Template can now consist of just an attachment (i.e. an image, vcard, or pdf, with no additional text required)

NEW: Outbound-initiated Surveys

  • Surveys now have their own magic shortcuts, similar to Campaigns, Templates and Custom Fields. Note: Templates can contain $survey shortcuts, and survey questions can contain $template shortcuts if you want to get fancy and mix-and-match.
  • You can now initiate an outbound survey by sending $survey_keyword to a Contact. The survey shortcut will automagically start the survey and ask the first question.
  • Surveys can be initiated by any Avochato message. Try sending them in Broadcasts, Live Chats, Campaigns, and more.

NEW: Custom Fields in the Contacts List

  • Custom Field support has been added to the Contacts List. To add a custom field to your Contacts List, visit Settings > Custom Fields and click on a custom field, then toggle “Show As Column in Contacts List”. The field will appear as a new column.
  • Click on a value for a given contact in the contact list and the list will filter on all contacts with that value for that field.
  • The Contact List header now stays in place while you scroll for easier navigation

New Zapier Trigger Events – Opt In, Opt Out

You can now find updated Zapier triggers for new events:

  • Contact Opt In
  • Contact Opt Out

These triggers will setup a Zap using the new Account Opt in / Opt Out Webhooks. This is ideal for customers who are trying to sync Opt Outs to other systems or trigger custom automation the moment a contact “opts in”. These are triggered by either a text (“STOP”, “START”, custom opt in or opt out keywords) or an Avochato user using the Opt In / Opt Out buttons via the Interface.

Broadcasts – Default Conversations to Unassigned (optional)

This setting is Account-wide and can be found under Settings > Conversation Management.

When enabled, any conversation created or touched by a broadcast will be left unassigned. This should happen for both tickets that are created by the broadcast and pre-existing tickets that were already unassigned. The current default experience is to automatically assign conversations to available members of the auto-assignment roster the moment the broadcast message is delivered.

Keywords – Trigger during Office Hours Only (optional)

This setting is Keyword-specific and can be found under Settings > Keywords > Edit Keyword. Enable this setting to prevent a specific keyword from sending the response while your office is closed. Note: The keyword’s tag will still be applied, if it has one.

The ideal use case is for customers who want their end-users to receive their generic after-hours reply when customers try to engage their keywords and no one is available.