Hubspot Integration

Connect Avochato with HubSpot via Zapier and automatically text new contacts.

In this article, we will detail how to connect Avochato with Hubspot, using 3rd party app Zapier. Using Zapier there is a wide selection of trigger actions you can choose from. For this example we will use "New Contact" - meaning that any time you create a new contact in Hubspot, an action will be triggered. In this case the Zap will create a new contact in Avochato and automatically message that contact.

1. Configure Zap

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Log in or create a new Zapier account. From the Zapier home page create a new Zap connecting Hubspot to Avochato. Under When this happens select "New Contact" and under then do this select"Create / Update Contact". Click the blue "Use Zap" button.

2. Pull Test Data from Hubspot

Select Properties

On the next screen, Under "Choose Account" click "Add New Account" and log in to Hubspot.

Once logged in, you will be prompted to Specify a list of properties to retrieve.

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Be sure to select any properties you would like to be pulled from Hubspot. Any properties not included in this step will not be available for use in your integration. Once you have selected all relevant properties, click "Continue"

Find Data

Next you are prompted to select a contact from Hubspot to use to construct the Zap. Zapier will provide a list of several new or recently added contacts to choose from. We recommend creating a test contact in Hubspot with a personal number that you don't mind texting for testing purposes. Once you have added the new test contact in Hubspot, click "Load More" and select the new contact from the drop down.

Click "Continue" to move on to Step 2 of the Zap.

3. Authorize Avochato

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In Step 2. "Create / Update Contact in Avochato", select your Avochato account. If you have not yet done it, you will need to authorize your Avochato account. To authorize, you will need to generate API credentials. This can be done in Avochato under Settings > API Access. Copy both the Auth ID and Auth Secret into the fields and click "Yes, Continue."

4. Assign Data

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Using the fields pulled from your sample contact in Step 2, assign where each field should be assigned in the contact within Avochato. Note that in order for the Zap to work, there must be a valid 10 digit phone number in the Phone Number field.

Can I Assign Tags?

Yes! Scroll down to where it says "Tags" and type the desired tags. They do not need to exist in Avochato already.

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5. Configure Text Message

Once you have routed the properties from Hubspot to fields in Avochato in Step 2 of the Zap, you can add a 3rd step to automatically text the contact, if desired. To do this, scroll down past Step 2 and click the blue plus sign. Search & Select Avochato and choose "Send Text Message" as the event.

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You can then construct your text message using fields from Hubspot as personalization.

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Once this is completed, click "Test & Continue". Verify that the contact has been added in Avochato and the text message was sent and received. If no further adjustments need to be made, Click "Turn on Zap"

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