Shopify Integration

Connect Avochato with Shopify via Zapier to send SMS to abandoned carts.

1. Configure Zap

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Once you have created or logged into your Zapier account, click "Make Zap" . Configure your zap to mirror the the example above.

2. Install Zapier in Shopify

Next, Zapier will prompt you to add your Shopify account. In a popup window, when prompted enter your Shopify URL. Shopify will then ask permission to install Zapier, click "Install Zapier" at the bottom of the page.

3. Find Data in Zapier

To set up the Zap, we'll need to pull up test data from your Shopify account using Zapier. The best way to do this is to abandon your own cart. On your Shopify store, add a product to the cart and begin the checkout flow. Add as many details as you can until you reach the payment page. Close the tab.

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Back in Zapier, the next step will ask for abandoned cart age in hours. This is the amount of time you'd like to pass before this zap occurs and Avochato texts your would-be customer. For now set this to 0 (You can edit this later).

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Continue to the next step in Zapier, "Find Data." Zapier will pull up recent abandoned carts for you to choose from. Scroll through the options until you find your own information. Select your abandoned cart and continue.

4. Authorize Avochato Account

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In Step 2 of your Zap, select Avochato as the app to connect. If you have not yet done it, you will need to authorize your Avochato account. To authorize, you will need to generate API credentials. This can be done in Avochato under Settings > API Access. Copy both the Auth ID and Auth Secret into the fields and click "Yes, Continue."

5. Configure Message

Now that you have selected a sample data and authorized your Avochato account, you can draft your automated text message.

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For each field, click on the empty box and select the data that matches from your test sample. It is a requirement that the Phone number field have a valid phone number to continue with the Zap.

Note: When drafting your message template it is recommended that you utilize the personalization fields that are available in Zapier (pictured above) instead of Avochato syntax ("first_name", etc.)

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You also have the option to tag any contact that receives this message. Scroll down to the "Tag" section and add the desired tags. They can be new or already exist in your Avochato account.

6. Test Zap

Zapier will prompt you to test the Zap. Click "Test". You should receive the text message within several minutes (the speed depends on which Zapier plan you are signed up with).

7. Final Review & Turn on

Take some time to review your Zap. If you had set your Abandoned Cart age to 0 in Step 3, go back and edit it (unless you want customers to be texted right away). If everything looks good, click the "Turn on" toggle at the bottom of your screen.

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