Bulk Actions

Can I copy data across accounts?

Avochato inboxes are unique from one another. By default, Contacts, Users, and Settings are not shared between accounts in the same organization. Using Bulk Actions, you are able to copy sets of Templates, Keywords, Surveys, or Campaigns from one inbox to another.

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions allow you to duplicate all of the Templates, Surveys, Keywords, or Campaigns in one account. To access Bulk Actions, navigate to the Manage Organization panel and select “Bulk Actions” from the left side.

Within the “Bulk Actions” tab, you are able to select which objects you would like to copy (Templates, Surveys, Keywords, or Campaigns), which account/inbox you would like to copy from (source account), and which you would like to copy to (destination account).

Once all three dropdowns are selected, click “Confirm” to trigger the bulk action.

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