Seats and Users

What are seats and how many users can I add to my account?

Seats refer to the maximum number of unique users that can be added to your Avochato account.

Users refer to your team members that will occupy the seats you own.

How do I view how many seats I own?

The number of seats you own can be viewed on the “Invite Users” tab. “User Invites Purchased” refers to the seats you own and “Invites Remaining” refer to vacant seats that can be occupied by a user. You can also view the same in the “Billing” tab under “Seats”

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How many users can I add to my account?

The number of users that can be added to your account depends on the number of seats you own. If you have no more invites remaining and have the need to add more users to your Avochato account, you have the option to replace inactive users by going to the “Invite Users” tab and removing them from there so the vacated seat can be assigned to someone else. Please refer to this article for more information about adding users.

How to add seats?

If all seats are occupied and you need more seats for new users, you can easily purchase seats by going to the “Billing” tab and scrolling down to “Seats”. You should see the “Add Seats” button at the right.

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If I remove a user, does that automatically remove the corresponding seat?

Please note that removing users doesn’t mean that the seat also gets removed. It only becomes vacant and you will still be charged even if no user is assigned to it.

If you intend to remove purchased seats, please contact our support team by texting (415) 214-8977 to assist you with seat removal.

How do I remove a user from all accounts in Avochato?

Users can be removed at the Account / Inbox level within the Invite Users section or across your entire Avochato Organization. For example, if a user leaves the company and needs to be removed from more than one account, you will need to remove them from your organization.

Users with Owner permission level and users who have Organization Management enabled can remove a user from all accounts in Avochato.

  • To delete a user from all accounts on Avochato and fully remove them, go to Manage Organization. Manage Organization is accessible on the top right of the Avochato app by clicking the profile icon. Now click Users on the left side menu.

On Users, you can filter the table of users by email, name, role or account. By default, we list users across all accounts and any role.

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From the results listed, click on the link of user’s name who needs to be removed.

Now on the user’s Profile Information page, click the EDIT button.

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Now on the Update Settings page, the user can be removed from all accounts in your organization. Scroll down on the page, and click the Remove User button.

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You will need to re-enter the users email to remove them completely from all accounts within Avochato.

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