What are short codes? Can I use them in Avochato?

Short codes are special 5 or 6 digit phone numbers that can be used for both SMS and MMS messaging. They typically have higher delivery rates than traditional long code numbers, but as a result come with a hefty price tag.

If you already have a short code phone number you can port it into Avochato. You also have the option to lease a short code number through Avochato. Reach out to our sales staff for an estimate at (415) 214-8977.


As short code phone numbers are in limited supply, they incur higher costs. Short code specific fees are as follows:

One-time setup fees:

Short codes set up through Avochato come with one-time setup fees. The following are charged when setting up a short code for the first time. (MMS enablement is optional, depending if your company needs MMS messaging.)

FeeOne time cost
Setup fee$650.00
MMS enablement fee$500.00

Recurring Charges

Short code leasing and service charges may be billed either quarterly or annually at the following rates.

CountryShort Code TypeQuarterly CostAnnual Cost
USARandom number$3,000.00$11,000.00
Vanity number$4,500.00$16,500.00
Customer self-leased$1,500.00$5,500.00
CanadaVanity number$3,000.00$11,000.00
Customer self-leased$2,000.00$7,333.33
UKRandom number$5,000.00$16,500.00

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