Toll Free Number Verification

All you need to know about getting your toll free number verified.

Can I use Toll Free Numbers with Avochato?

Yes! You have the option of selecting a toll free number from Avochato or porting one in from an existing provider. However, wireless carriers require that all businesses that utilize toll free numbers register their number and use case. This toll free verification process is required to use your toll free number with Avochato and will improve deliverability.

How can I apply for Toll Free Number verification?

You can apply for Toll Free Verification by filling out our web form here.

Toll Free verification requires only one application per Avochato account. If you have numerous Toll Free numbers, you only need to apply once!

What is required for Toll Free Number verification?

You will need to provide business information, a summary of your use case, and an outline of your opt-in methods.

Why should I get verified?

This is a requirement set by the carriers. Users who don't verify will see increased filtering and lower daily limits on sending traffic to the US. Traffic to Canada will be completely blocked for unverified toll free numbers.

A toll free number will have different message limits based on its status as shown in the table below. Please note that these limits are subject to change according to carrier guidelines.

Toll Free Number Status
Daily Message Segment Limit
Weekly Message Segment Limit
Monthly Message Segment Limit
Pending Verification
3 message segments per second
3 message segments per second
3 message segments per second

Submitting a toll free verification using our web form here will change your toll free number’s status from “unregistered” to “pending verification”. This will give you higher message limits while waiting for the verification process to complete.

Please note that all toll free numbers in “unverified” status are completely disabled from sending messages until the number’s status gets updated to pending registration.

How long is the Toll Free Number verification process?

The verification process normally takes around 4 weeks.

What happens after getting my Toll Free Number verified?

Once you get your toll free number verified, the daily, weekly and monthly message limits will be removed. By default, your verified toll free number can now send 3 message segment per second.

If your toll free number application is rejected, your traffic will be completely blocked. If this is because of an inaccurate information on your application form, please contact our support team at or by texting (415) 214-8977 so that we can help you in resubmitting a corrected form. Please note that applications that violate Avochato’s policies and any rejections because of message content is ineligible for resubmission.

Is opt-in required for Toll Free Numbers?

Opt-in consent is a requirement to send messages in Avochato. Before you message a contact, you must have received their prior consent. Opt-in consent cannot be bought, sold, or exchanged.

To verify your toll free number, carriers require proof that your business employs valid opt-in processes. For toll free numbers, this means having a written opt-in channel through your website. Many choose to utilize a web form to collect phone numbers. To comply with opt-in guidelines, wherever phone numbers are collected you must include language that they are agreeing to receive messages. A good template is:

By providing your phone number, you agree to receive SMS messages. Message and Data rates apply. Reply STOP to Opt Out

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Note: Avochato website widgets also suffice as a compliant written opt-in method.

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