Phone calls in Avochato

Making Calls

Avochato makes it easy to stay in touch with your contacts with phone calls. By clicking the phone icon in the upper right corner of a conversation, you will immediately make an outbound call to your contact. On the desktop, the audio will go through the computer speakers. If you’re on the mobile app, audio will come through your phone as usual, or with a plugged-in headset/headphones.

The following prompt will be live when you are on a call on the desktop app. You are able to mute the conversation or hang up to end the conversation.

Receiving Calls

When there is an incoming call, the following prompt will pop up in the Avochato desktop app. Answer the call by clicking the “Answer” button and carry on with the conversation. If you would like to receive calls on your cell phone, you can turn on the call forwarding function. You can learn more about call forwarding [here]

Calls Tab

The Calls tab in Avochato contains call logs and voicemails for your phone number. Here you can see a breakdown of calls made, their direction (inbound or outbound), which agent a call is assigned to, and how many segments the call consumed (one call minute consumes one segment). 

Click on the call to expand and show more details such as call duration or to listen to the voicemail if the caller left one. The expanded view also has direct buttons to view the contact information or call them back directly.]


At the top of the Calls tab there are options to filter the call logs by date and direction. You have the option to filter by the date that the call occurred under the “Filter By” drop down. Selecting a pre-built duration from this list automatically updates the date range under the “From” and “To” selection to the right.

Using the From and To fields you can also configure a custom date range.

Below the date and direction filters you can filter between My Calls, My Missed Calls, and My Voicemail. 

These filters default to calls from contacts assigned to you.To the right of these filters there is a toggle to “Show All.” Switch the “Show All” toggle on to include all calls in the inbox, not just those assigned to you. Note: this is not available if private inbox settings are on.

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