Hosting vs Porting Phone Numbers

Porting and hosting numbers.

When you sign up for an account with Avochato, you have the option between choosing an available number in your area code OR bringing and transferring a phone number that you currently own into Avochato.

There are two different processes for transferring an external phone number into Avochato: hosting and porting. We can assist you in transferring your number over!

Please note that both hosting and porting can lead to significant delays in regards with the A2P registration process.

Host a Phone Number

If the phone number you wish to use in Avochato is a traditional landline, you may have the option to perform what is called a host. Hosting allows Avochato to text-enable your landline without disturbing any call functionality. However, this means that you will not be able to place or receive calls from this number in Avochato.

How do I host a phone number?

If you have a landline that you would like to transfer to Avochato, set up an appointment with our team to perform the host by texting or calling us at +1 415 214-8977.

Port a Phone Number

The second, and more common, method of transferring a number to Avochato is called a port. Porting involves transferring your existing phone number away from your current carrier/service provider and into Avochato. Any kind of phone number can be ported (ie. mobile number or landline). Please note that if you port your number into Avochato, it will exist only in Avochato and will no longer work where it did before (ie. as a mobile number or landline).

What is needed to port my phone number to Avochato?

To port your phone number to Avochato, begin the process by completing our porting request form. To submit your request you will need:

  • A completed and signed Letter of Authorization form
  • A copy of a recent phone bill
  • Your account number and PIN with your current carrier

Once you submit your request, our team will apply on your behalf directly to our messaging provider. If the information provided is confirmed by your existing carrier, a porting date will be scheduled in the next 2-4 weeks. Our team will contact you at the email address provided to inform you of your porting date.

If more information is required, or your existing carrier rejects your application, our team will reach out to you at the email address provided.

How long does the porting process take?

You can expect your port to be completed within 2-4 weeks. Often, this depends on factors beyond our control (ie. communication between carriers).

Will there be any downtime for the phone number?

There is usually a small window of about 2 hours during which your phone number will be offline. As soon as we know when the port is scheduled to happen, we will let you know accordingly.

Can I take my phone number with me if I decide to cancel?

Yes, we will work with you to port your number away if you do decide to cancel your Avochato account.

Can the A2P registration be transferred along with the ported number?

No, A2P registrations cannot be transferred so this means you will have to register your number again for A2P after porting.

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