Adding Team Members and Managers

We make it easy for you to add additional team members and set permissions. The number of users allocated to your account varies depending on the plan you are on. You can always add more users on the billing tab. Click “Invite New Users” in the Avochato menu on the left side to manage your account’s users. Insert the new user’s email address and click “Send Invite”. You can invite multiple users at once by separating their email addresses with a comma.

You can select “Add as a Manager” to provide the new user with more permissions than the standard member.

User permissions

Team member

These are the most basic users and have the fewest permissions.

  • By default they can see all conversations, but managers can restrict permissions so that they can only see conversations assigned to them
  • By default, they can make adjustments to the account settings. This permission can be turned off in Settings > Conversation Mgmt > Restrict Member Functionality
  • Team members do not have the ability to grant other user permissions


These users have the ability to oversee team members, remove team members, demote users and make adjustments to settings.

  • Managers can see all conversations within an inbox
  • Ability to adjust most settings 
  • Can also promote a user from “member” to “manager”
  • Can remove team members from Avochato
  • Can also be given the ability to view all inboxes in an account or receive billing emails
  • Can create new inboxes


This is the highest permission level and is the default profile given to the creator of the account

  • Oversee all inboxes and all users
  • They can make adjustments to any inbox
  • Can grant managers access to manage other inboxes or receive billing emails
  • Can promote another user to Owner
  • Can remove any other users

User Roles

On the invite users tab, you can preset user settings based on their team. Click on the “Manage Roles” button in the top right corner. Click “Create Role” and configure settings needed for that team > Name Role > Click Save. Now when you invite users, you will be able to add a “role” to them based on their team. Note, users can still adjust their settings once they sign in under “Edit Profile”.

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