Importing Salesforce Contacts in Avochato

When you first set up your Avochato account, you will be able to import all of your Salesforce Contacts immediately so that Avochato is ready to use.

Once you have set up your Salesforce integration, you can navigate to the “Integrations” page. From there, you should see the “Import Contacts” button available within the Salesforce section.

As an important note, this button will search your Salesforce organization for Contact records only. Each identified Contact will be saved to Avochato as long as it has a valid phone number saved in its Phone field. Avochato will also save the Name of the Contact, as well as the Email and Company information if available.

This button performs a one-time import. For more complex or ongoing syncing needs, you may want to explore Process Builder or other data syncing solutions.

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