Slack Integration

What is Slack?

Slack is a communication tool designed for businesses to use internally.

How does the Slack Integration work?

Avochato integrates with Slack to give your team the ability to easily send and receive text messages directly from Slack without having to change tabs or switch applications.

How to Add the Avochato App to your Slack Account

First navigate to the “Integrations” tab and click “Add Slack”. On the next page, select a channel where you would like the slack integration to live and click “Allow” to grant Avochato access.

How do I use the Slack Integration?

How to initiate a conversation

Once the Avochato integration is configured in Slack, navigate to that channel in Slack and type the following command:

/avo +12225556666: Message

By clicking “enter” you will send a message through Avochato.

Avochato will indicate that your message was sent via Slack.

How to Respond to Incoming Messages

Inbound messages will appear in the Avochato Slack channel. To reply via slack, reply in the thread. Replying outside of threads will not send a message.

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