Zapier Integration

Set-up and configure Zaps to connect Avochato with other softwares.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a 3rd party software that allows users to build automation and integrations between other web applications. Avochato has an integration with Zapier that allows users to connect their Avochato account with thousands of other software platforms.

What are some Zaps I can build?

How do I set up Zapier?

To set up Zapier you will need access enabled in Avochato. Zapier access is included in Standard Plans and above. After which you can take the following steps to create your Zap:

1. Create Zapier Account

Zapier is a paid service. Their plans are typically based off of how often you want this "Zap" (aka integration) to occur.

2. Configure Zap

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Once you have created an account in Zapier, on the home page you can select Avochato and the app you are connecting it with. If you are planning to connect more than two apps, you can add them as subsequent steps later.

Once you have selected the two apps, select a Trigger and an Action ("When this happens... do this!"). Click Connect.

3. Authorize Avochato

  • note: If Avochato is not the first step in your Zap, you will not need to take this step right away

To connect these apps, you will need to authorize your access. For authorizing Avochato, instead of using an email login you will need to provide an API token and Secret Key. These can be generated in Avochato by navigating to Settings > API Access.

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Each API key is assigned to a user. Select the user and click "Generate Credentials". Copy and paste into the authorization field in Zapier.

4. Build Zap

Once you have authorized Avochato and the other app(s) you are connecting, you can start to build out the specific steps and conditions. No matter what the zap, you will need to pull test data in order to direct where to send this data in subsequent steps. In order to successfully configure this Zap your test subject must have a phone number field. Phone numbers are required so that Avochato can successfully locate the contact. It is recommended to create your own test step with your information for testing purposes.

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Once you have pulled test data, you can use specific fields from this data to route to your other platforms in subsequent steps.

Once you have finished configuring your Zap, test it to make sure that it's working as intended and then click "Turn on Zap"

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