Templates are saved text that can be used in messages and broadcasts. To create and edit templates go to the main Avochato panel then “Settings” > “Templates.”

Creating templates

To create a template, navigate to Settings > Templates. Here, you can pull in both custom and stock variables from the “Personalize” drop-down menu. You can also name your template to make it easier to search for in a conversation.

Using templates

In individual conversations
At the bottom of a conversation click the symbol with three horizontal lines then start typing to search across all of your saved Templates. Start typing the shortcut for your desired template, or click the template you want and press “Enter” to pull it into the window. Click “Send” or “Enter” to send the message.

Note that you can also edit the Template before you click “Send:”

In Broadcasts
You can also use any Template as the basis of a Broadcast to multiple contacts at once. Learn more about Broadcasts [here]

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