How to use Keyword Auto-Responses

For keeping your customers up to date.

Keywords will trigger an automated response whenever someone texts the defined word to your number.

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  • Pick words that are not common one-word text messages. Keywords will trigger auto-responses whenever they are received, even if they are sent during an active conversation.
  • You can use multiple words or phrases.
  • The auto-response will only fire when the keyword is the only word in an incoming message. If you’re using multiple words or phrases, the incoming message must match exactly, excluding case-sensitivity.
  • Keywords are not case sensitive.

Setting up a keyword

  1. In the main Avochato panel go to “Settings” > “Keywords” (under “Texting Automation”)
  1. Define the keyword or phrase in the field under “When you receive the following keyword:”
  1. Write the response that will be automatically texted to the contact under “…Auto-Reply with:”
  1. If you would like to track which contacts texted the keyword you can add a tag under “Auto-Tag the Contact With:”

Disable Keywords Outside Office Hours

You can disable keywords outside of hours. Check the “trigger keyword during office hours only” box to enable.

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Tip: If you would prefer to send a series of questions, try setting up a survey instead.

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