Live Chat Dashboard and Reporting

Information about live chat such as live inbox view and definition of terms like average handle time and abandoned tickets.

Definitions You Need To Know

Abandoned – Tickets that go into the queue but are closed by the contact prior to reaching an agent.

Interactive – Active tickets with back and forth communication

Non-Interactive – A ticket that reaches an agent but is unresponsive

Queue – If agents are at their chat limits, tickets will go into the queue and be assigned based on the time they came in

Average Handle Time – The time from first response from the agent to the ticket being closed

Widget Submission – If you utilize our drop-down option on the widget, we will provide the selection

By clicking on your Organization Name in the top left corner, you will access your Avochato Dashboard. There are four different views that allow you insight into your organization in real-time. Below is a breakdown of each.


Live View

The live view gives you a real-time snapshot of your Avochato Inbox (refreshes every minute). For both SMS and Live Chat, you will be able to see Conversations in Queue, Avg. Queue Wait Time, Number of agents who are at capacity, and Number of agents who are available. At the bottom of this view, you will see all of your agents, sorted by their status. Clicking on an agent’s name will take you to their active tickets.

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Inbox View

In the Inbox View you will see different statistics for both SMS and Live Chat. You have the ability to filter this by different increments of time up to 7 days. Some helpful statistics that are built into the dashboard are Avg. Time to First Response, Avg. Time in Queue, and Avg. Handle Time (Interactive). To better understand some of these terms, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

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Agent List View

Agent List View gives you an in-depth breakdown of all your agents. You do have the ability to filter this view by different periods of time as well.

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Chat List View

Chat List View shows you all chats within that given time period. By clicking on a given chat, you will be taken to that ticket. This can be filtered by time and sorted by status, date or handle time.

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Navigate to the Analytics tab in Avochato to download reports. Reports can be filtered by any date range to analyze your data. You can pull reports based on User, Team, or Total Activity. Let’s take a look at each one of these individually.Total Activity allows you to pull data (download .CSV) for both SMS and Live Chat channels. You are able to see Interactive, Non-Interactive and Abandoned tickets with their corresponding percentage. This data can be aggregated by the day, hour, or half-hour.

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If you use the widget drop-down option to capture information from contacts, you will also be able to pull that data. For example, if you have the contact select from one of six locations your business has, you can export that data into a spreadsheet for reporting.

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Team Activity provides you visibility into how your team is performing. When you download the CSV file for a given date range, we will calculate a number of values out of the box including Average queue time, Average handle time, and Average response time. You can also pull reports based on the status of your agents over a period of time.

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User Activity:When you download a CSV on the User Activity page, you will see a breakdown of each chat conversation. You can filter by individual agents or pull a report for all agents.

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