Send Two Factor Authentication Codes (2FA) with Avochato

Send 2FA codes from your external system as SMS via Avochato’s API

Avochato can be used to send Two Factor Authentication codes (commonly referred to as 2FA codes) via SMS. This can be done by utilizing Avochato’s API where an external system sends a payload with a generated 2FA code to Avochato. Avochato, upon receiving the payload, will then send the 2FA code via SMS to the intended recipient.

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Please note that you must be on either a) a registered A2P brand and approved high volume 2FA campaign; or b) a registered Toll-Free number to send SMS containing 2FA codes. Please refer to our documentation about getting A2P verified for a high volume 2FA campaign and our Toll-Free verification process. Also, since you will be using an external system for sending 2FA codes, this will also require you to be on a plan that has API access. Refer to our API documentation here. For more information about our plans, please check out our pricing page.

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