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What are website widgets in Avochato?

Avochato allows you to create personalized chat widgets to embed on your website. Once enabled on your website, the widget provides both a channel for your customers to opt in for future SMS messages, but also a method for starting an instant chat conversation with that customer.

How to Set Up Widgets

To get started making a widget, navigate to Settings > Website Widgets and click “Create Chat Widget”.

Locate your widget under “Current Chat Widgets” and you can begin to customize it.

Widget Settings

Engagement Settings

Here you can customize the auto response that accompanies your widget. When somebody provides their phone number through the website widget, you are able to send a custom auto-response.

Widget Icon

Here you are able to customize the appearance of the widget itself.

Change Image

Click “Change image” to upload a new image to your widget. Images must be .png files. You can further customize the scale and roundness of the image after it is uploaded.

Color Customization

Choose any color you like for Accent, Header, Header Text, Submit button, text and border.

Optional Settings

  • Auto tag: Option to tag any contact that is created via widget submissions.
  • Re-Open Closed Conversations: Closed conversations in Avochato will reopen upon website chat submission. 
  • Session Duration: The amount of time before a contact can re-submit a chat widget request.
  • Popout Settings; Customize and enable the popout message on your website.

Additional Fields: 

You can customize the information gathered from the chat widget submission. These are the optional fields:

  • Phone (required)
  • Email
  • Help Message (brief description of request)
  • Drop Down (customize a drop down field. Common uses are different departments, locations or prioritization of their request)

Once you have completed all the customization for your chat widget, copy the javascript snippet that is underneath the interactive example and paste it in between the <head> of your website’s HTML. As always, please text us at (415) 214-8977 if you have any questions.

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