Contact Data Sync to Avochato via Process Builder

Sync data from Salesforce records into Avochato contacts for real time data update.

Avochato for Salesforce gives you flexibility on controlling the data sync between the two platforms.

With the Avochato – Update Contact Apex action, you can sync data from your Salesforce records into Avochato contacts, allowing for real time data propagation. The main use case we’ll explore right now is syncing record ownership from Salesforce to the relevant Avochato contact and conversation.

This guide shows the Avochato Apex actions working within Process Builder, but we highly recommend using Flow Builder moving forward. All Avochato Actions work in Flow Builder as well.

Ownership Syncing

Oftentimes Salesforce is the source of truth for lead & contact ownership. On a Sales team, it’s important that the right conversations are attributed to the right rep, based on lead assignment rules in Salesforce.

Let’s build a process builder that automatically syncs lead ownership from Salesforce to Avochato contacts and conversation tickets.

Lead Ownership Syncing via Process Builder

First, build a process builder on the Lead object, with some basic logic on when you’d like to update the Avochato contact and conversation owner.

Go into Setup → Process Builder, and click the New button to start a New Process. Give it an easy name and description to know what the automation does, and for “The process starts when” option, choose “A record changes”:

  • Process Name: Lead Automation
  • API Name: Lead_Automation
  • Description: Change the Avochato conversation owner based on the SFDC Lead Owner
  • The process starts when: A record changes
Notion image

In the start rectangle, choose “Lead” for the object and update anytime the record is created or edited:

Notion image

Below is a sample of updating Avochato ownership based on anytime a lead owner is changed:

Notion image

Either use the regular conditions to detect owner changes (figure 1) or use the formula (figure 2) which detects for owner changes that happen after a lead is updated:

Figure 1:

Notion image

Figure 2:


Within the Immediate Actions, add a new “Apex” action and start typing in “Update Contact” to see the Avochato Update Contact action:

Notion image

Here we can specify the phone number that matches the Avochato conversation by “phone” and we can change that Avochato conversation owner by specifying the Avochato owner email address for the “user_id” parameter. Here we are using the field references to Lead->Phone and Lead->Owner->Email fields to dynamically assign the Avochato conversation based on the SFDC Lead owner:

Notion image

Click Save, and then click Activate in the top right corner of the Process Builder page, and now your Avochato conversations will be updated anytime the Lead owner changes! 🎉

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