List View Syncing to Avochato Contacts

Use a Salesforce List View to sync your records of interest to Avochato contacts

Need rich data in your Avochato contacts, so that you can use features like Avochato surveys, campaigns, and broadcasts with dynamic text based on Salesforce data? Contact List View Syncing can keep your Avochato contact data fresh based on a Salesforce list view.

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You can now trigger automatic syncing of data from Salesforce to Avochato on a nightly basis to keep your inbox contact data up to date with your Salesforce Lead or Contact records.

For best results, we recommend maintaining a dedicated list view of records to keep synced to Avochato, and specifying that list view within the Salesforce Settings page.

How it works

  • Any records that get added to the list view, or are updated, will sync during the next syncing period, which is triggered hourly
    • If the “Sync All <Object Type> Records” option is selected, then the sync will happen at 4am on a nightly basis in your inbox’s default timezone.
  • Only records with a valid “Phone” or “MobilePhone” Salesforce field will be created/updated.
  • While enabled, Avochato will overwrite any corresponding Contact fields in Avochato for each record in the list based on the current data in your Salesforce instance.
  • Contacts that are removed from your list(s) in Salesforce are not removed from the Avochato inbox automatically.

Syncing a specific list

Pick any Salesforce list view and automatically keep all records in that list synced to your Avochato inbox on a hourly basis. Salesforce Contacts and Leads are supported, and as well as Standard and Custom fields, including Name, Email, Phone, Company Name, Address, and Avochato Custom fields that are enabled to sync to Salesforce. Learn more about setting up Custom Field.

To enable, head to Integrations > Salesforce > Settings and toggle on the “List View Sync: Salesforce Records to Avochato Contacts” setting. Select the Object type you wish to sync, and select the specific list view, then hit save. You can manually trigger a sync of that list view using the “Sync Now” button.

Note: each inbox can only have one list view specified for the hourly sync.

Syncing all records

When the list view sync is enabled, and no specific list view is selected, the default “Sync All <Contact/Lead> Records” is used, and you can indiscriminately sync all Lead or Contact records in your Salesforce instance on a nightly basis. This import is equivalent to clicking the “Import Contacts” button under Integrations > Salesforce, and will add any missing records of the chosen type, as well as update corresponding contacts whose fields have changed in Salesforce since the last sync.

How to enable List View Syncing

First, ensure that your Avochato inbox is connected to Salesforce. If you can see the “Settings” button within the Integrations → Salesforce section, you’re in good shape. If not, follow Section A in this guide to connect your Salesforce org to Avochato.

Click on the Settings button, and scroll down until you see the List View Sync: Salesforce Records to Avochato Contacts section.

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Within this List View Sync section, you can enable list view syncing by clicking the toggle to green.

For Object Type, choose whether you’d like to sync Salesforce Contacts or Leads over to Avochato Contacts.

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After choosing a type, click the green “Save” button to save those settings, and that will load the appropriate List View options from your Salesforce org. Choose a list view, and click Save again

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After List View Sync is enabled and a list view is chosen, you can click the “Show Query” link to see the SOQL query being used to fetch your Salesforce record data

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Note: although this query shows only the specified fields within the list view, we actually query the data using SELECT FIELDS(ALL), along with the WHERE clause specified in the SOQL query. The query you see in the Avochato UI is just for a quick reference to see the exact WHERE query being used.

The Sync Now button will also be available to you, if you’d like to immediately start the data sync for all the records in the selected list view.

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List view syncing is a powerful tool to keep your Avochato Contact data up to date with Salesforce data, but there are a number of considerations to make before using this feature:

  1. This feature is enabled under Integrations > Salesforce > Settings, and the sync works on a per-Avochato inbox basis.
    1. That gives you the flexibility to enable a specific list view for the specific Avochato inbox use case
  1. This feature is turned off by default, but you can enable or disable syncing at any time.
  1. Only Salesforce Contact and Lead object types are supported at the moment.
  1. The number of Salesforce records of your list view will impact the number of Salesforce API callouts required to sync all of your contacts on the hourly/nightly basis.
    1. Take this into consideration when building your list view filters and choosing which people you want to keep up-to-date in Avochato
  1. Salesforce is considered the source of truth and the list view sync will always overwrite Avochato contact data
    1. Use this in conjunction with the “Sync Avochato Contact updates to Salesforce Record Fields” enabled to effectively have a two way sync between Salesforce records and Avochato contacts.
  1. We only attempt to sync Salesforce records that have a valid Phone or MobilePhone. We ignore the record if a phone number is not populated, even though it is part of the list view to be synced
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