Salesforce Data Synchronization

Ensure connected app settings are correct for smooth data syncing between Avochato and Salesforce

Fixing the data sync

Avochato keeps information in-sync with Salesforce using a token. If this token has expired, your Salesforce admin will need to refresh the token and adjust the settings in Salesforce to keep this from happening again.

Step 1: Update Connected App OAuth Policies

First, ensure both the Avochato for Salesforce and Avochato API connected apps have their OAuth Policy Permitted Users set to "All users may self-authorize” and the IP Relaxation settings set to "Enforce IP restrictions, but relax for refresh tokens", just like the screenshot below:

Notion image

To adjust those settings, go to the Managed Connected Apps page in Salesforce setup, find the “Avochato API” connected app and click “Edit.” Scroll down to the “OAuth policies” section and change “IP Relaxation” to “Enforce IP restrictions, but relax for refresh tokens.” and ensure “Permitted Users,” is set to “All users may self-authorize”. Do the same for the “Avochato for Salesforce” connected app and save.

If “Admin approved users are pre-authorized” is set, it can cause issues with the lightning component and the data sync. Ensure “All users may self-authorize” is the saved setting in both connected apps.

See this short video of how to adjust the connected app’s IP Relaxation settings.

Step 2: Reconnect the data sync between Avochato and Salesforce

From the “Integrations” page in Avochato, click the “Remove” button within the Salesforce section. Now click “Connect Production” to reconnect and reactivate Salesforce data synchronization. Once reconnected, all previously un-synced data (like inbound and outbound messages activity, new leads or contacts, etc) will be gradually synced over to Salesforce.

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