Forbidden SMS and MMS Categories in US and Canada

List of messaging categories that we do not allow on the platform.

The table below shows messaging use cases that are not allowed on SMS or MMS in both the United States and Canada. These forbidden use-cases apply to all long code, short code and Toll-Free messaging. Please note that these categories are determined by carriers and providers, not Avochato.

Forbidden SMS and MMS Categories in US and Canada

Debt Collection or Forgiveness
• Credit repair programs • Debt consolidation • Debt reduction • Third-party debt collection
“Third-party” means originating from anyone other than the one who is owed the debt.
Gambling and Casino
• Casino apps • Gambling websites
Gambling traffic is prohibited in the US and Canada on Toll Free, Short Code, Long Code numbers.
Investments with Unrealistic Rates of Return
• Deceptive work-from-home programs • Risk investment opportunities • Pyramid schemes
Any type of messaging with the intent of causing fraud, even if the recipient has opted-in, is forbidden.
High Risk Financial Services
• Payday loans • Short term high-interest loans • Third-party loans • Student loans • Cryptocurrency
“Third-party” means originating from anyone other than the one which will service the loan.
Illegal Substances & Regulated Goods
• Cannabis (US Only) • CBD (US Only) • Fireworks
Regardless of message content, US cannabis firms are not allowed to use SMS/MMS communications. Although CBD is permitted at the federal level, different state laws apply to it, hence US carriers do not allow CBD-related messaging. Because fireworks are regulated goods, US and CA carriers forbid messaging about them.
Prescription Drugs
• Medicines that need a prescription
Offers for medications that are illegal to purchase over-the-counter in the US or Canada are prohibited.
• Sex • Hate • Alcohol • Firearms • Tobacco
Tobacco and alcohol traffic is not permitted on Toll Free, although it is permitted on Short Code or Long Code if age gating policies are followed. Traffic involving firearms and e-cigarettes is forbidden.
Third Party Lead Generation Services
• Companies that deal or share consumer information

Even if your use case is not prohibited, some message content types may be restricted. As an example, using public URL shorteners is not allowed by US carriers and will result in filtering.

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