How do I add contacts? Does Avochato support bulk import?

How do I add contacts? Does Avochato support bulk import?

It’s simple to add contacts individually or in bulk (via .CSV) with Avochato. To add contacts, go to the Contacts view within the left sidebar in Avochato:

Next, in the upper-right hand corner, select “Import” (for bulk upload) or “New” (for individual contacts).

Bulk upload

  1. Select the “Import” button.
  2. Review Rules for Importing (see below) and select “Choose File” or drag and drop a .csv file directly onto this box you see below. 

Individual contacts

  1. Navigate to the Contacts view and select “+New.”
  2. Enter contact details. 
  3. Click “Save.”

Additionally, you can add a new contact in the Messages panel by clicking “New Conversation.”When you enter your contact’s number to initiate a conversation a contact will be created  automatically. 

Rules for Importing Contacts

  • All contacts must include a phone number.
  • International Phone numbers must include their country code.
  • You can add both First and Last name under “Name” and Avochato will separate them out accordingly. You can also separate them out into two columns, “First Name” and “Last Name”. In this case, the “Name” column needs to be removed from the .csv. 
  • Headers have to match fields in Avochato.
  • You can add additional fields to your import. Custom fields need to be added at Settings>Custom Fields prior to import.
  • Contacts will not be duplicated. If you left off a piece of information (i.e. Tag), you can reupload the .csv file and Avochato will update the contact record. 

Mobile Contacts Import

You have the ability to import your existing mobile contacts into your Avochato account. Navigate to the Contacts tab within the Mobile App and click “Import”. You will have the option to import your phone contacts by selecting “Import Phone Contacts”. See below.

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