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Every Avochato account comes with a number of standard contact fields by default. These can be viewed by clicking on any contact in your account. These include basic information such as name, phone number, email address, and street address. If you would like to store additional contact information in Avochato, you can do so by creating new custom fields that will exist on every contact in your account.

How to Create Custom Fields

To add new custom fields, navigate to Settings > Custom Fields. If you scroll down, you will see existing custom fields (if any). To create a new field, type the desired name into the text box. Check the box ff you would like your custom field to appear as a column within the Contacts page (show as column in contacts list). Click “Add Custom Field” to create your field.

How to upload Custom Field Values

You also have the ability to upload values into custom fields on a mass-scale by including them in your .csv Contact upload. This is as simple as including a separate column header for the custom field and including the values for each contact in that column.

Before uploading your .csv with a Custom Field column, the field must already exist in Avochato (see above section). Once the field exists, simply use the field name as your column header and upload as you would normally.

Can I search by Custom Field Value?

Yes. Using Avochato’s advanced search methods you can search contacts by custom field value.

What can I do with Custom Fields?

You can use Custom Fields to search contacts, mentioned above. Custom fields can also be used to insert custom values into broadcasts, templates, or 1-on-1 messages.

In a 1-on-1 direct message, click the $ in the message bar to view a list of available fields. This will display both stock and custom fields that you have added, and for which this contact has data. When you send the message, Avochato will automatically fill in the contact’s data for that field.

To use custom fields in a broadcast, select the desired field from the “Personalize” dropdown on the side. If you send a message to a contact that does not have data for a particular field, the custom value will be blank.

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