Why are my Contacts not Uploading?

Common issues encountered when uploading contacts.

The easiest way to add contacts into your Avochato account is via .CSV upload. There are several reasons why a contact upload might fail or produce unexpected results.

Incorrect File Type

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Contact import lists must be .csv (comma delimited values) files. If you attempt to import a list file that is not .csv you will receive an error that says “Invalid File Type!”

You can change the file type by opening the file in Excel or Google Sheets and “Save As” .CSV.


Once the upload has begun, you should see a display detailing how many rows of data were processed and the result of those rows. For contacts to upload properly it is important that your .CSV be saved in the correct format.

Formatting Rules

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  1. The first row of your .CSV file must contain header information
  1. Rows without a valid phone number will be skipped
  1. International phone numbers must include a country code
  1. Your column headers must match the following to be read correctly:
      • Phone (each contact requires a unique phone number including +country code)
      • Name (or First Name and Last Name)
      • Email
      • Company
      • Street
      • City
      • State
      • Zip
      • Opt In — true or false
      • Tags

Why are my rows invalid?

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Once Avochato has finished processing your .csv it will display a breakdown of the results by row. Here you can see how many rows failed and why. A row is deemed invalid if it does not contain a 10 digit phone number (or international phone number with country code). This number must be in a column entitled “phone”

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Example .csv with results

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