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Create personalized chat widgets to embed on your website.

What are website widgets in Avochato?

Avochato allows you to create personalized chat widgets to embed on your website. Once enabled on your website, the widget provides both a channel for your customers to opt-in for future SMS messages, but also a method for starting an instant chat conversation with that customer.

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How to Set Up Widgets

To get started making a widget, navigate to Settings > Website Widgets and click “New”. As you complete the process, you will see a live preview of your widget on the right side of the screen.

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Widget Settings

1. Set Responses

Customize the text response your contact receives. You can tailor a different response when you are available and out of office hours.

2. Customize Appearance

Here you are able to upload your logo and update the color scheme of the widget. Additionally, there are a number of other options you can choose from that will impact the experience with your customers.Show a Call-Out Message Bubble: Language that will pop out next to your widget logoEnable Live Chat: All plans come with one live chat seat.Enable Text Us: This will create a “Text us” button.Open the Widget in a New Browser Tab: The widget itself will open up a new window when your customer clicks on it (vs. embedding it into your webpage).

Outside Office HoursThere are multiple configurations available with the website widget outside of your normal office hours.1. Show SMS and Live Chat – The widget will have the same functionality during office hours and outside office hours.2. Disabled – The widget will not be available. You can customize a message that will display to your customers but they won’t be able to submit their information.3. SMS Only – Only the SMS option will be available outside of office hours.

3. Advanced Options

  • Tagging Settings: Option to auto-tag any contact that is created via widget submissions.
  • Webhook Settings: Widgets can have a webhook URL configured. The webhook URL will receive all the data around widget submission (including all fields, browser and device data, etc.) when the widget is successfully submitted.
  • Session Duration: Length of time the contact chatting will see messages in the conversation window after refreshing the page, e.g. if Session Duration is set to 1 hour, and the contact refreshes the webpage, they will only see the last 1 hour of messages.
  • Re-Open Closed Conversations: Closed conversations in Avochato will reopen upon website chat submission.
  • Enable Text Us Footer: Allows contacts to send a text message or call your Avochato number directly
  • Additional Fields: Customize which fields are available when your contacts complete your widget submission. You have the ability to include Email, Help Message Box, or a Custom Drop Down. Some common uses for the Drop Down are locations, departments, or urgency of the inbound request.
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4. Go Live

You can name your widget and this is where the widget code will live. Jump down to Additional Settings to continue configuring your widgets color, fields, and additional settings. Once you have completed these steps, have your webmaster copy the widget code in the <head> of your website’s HTML and “Go Live”.

As always, please text us at (415) 214-8977 if you have any questions.

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