Call Forwarding

Forward phone calls to another number.

You can configure your call forwarding settings in Settings > Call Forwarding. You can forward calls to as many numbers as you would like.

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There are two forwarding options:

Rotate forwarding (default):  The customer will hear a brief message and then hold music.  Avochato will start by dialing the first number in the rotation, then if they don’t pick up, Avochato will dial the second number, and so on, until the end of the list.

Mass forwarding:  Toggle this option if you want all of the active numbers on the forwarding list to receive the call at once. Whoever picks up first will take the call.

Note that you can also receive calls within the Avochato app itself, by accepting the notification that pops up on Avochato. For this functionality to be enabled, “In-Browser Calling” must be toggled on.

Always forward to Owners:

If a user has been assigned to a conversation, “Always forward to Owners” will route calls from that contact to the assigned user. The conversation owner must have their phone number listed under their settings (User name in upper right corner > Edit profile > My Phone) and have it turned on under Call Forwarding. If mass forwarding is turned on, all active users will also receive the forwarded call.

Only Forward Calls During Office Hours:

When Only Forward Calls During Office Hours is toggled on, inbound calls will go straight to voicemail outside of office hours. This is helpful to prevent calls from reaching you on weekends and late in the evening.

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