Export Contacts from Avochato

A guide on how to export contacts from Avochato.

Users whose roles are Manager or above have the ability to download contacts from Avochato as a spreadsheet.

To export contacts, first navigate to the Contacts tab to the left side of Avochato. From here, make your selection of contacts you'd like to download. You can also search by contact name, phone number, or tag.

Once you have your selection, click "Download (.csv)".

Note: If your excel file is too large to trigger a direct download, the file will be sent to the email tied to your user account. Please also note that only one CSV can be processed at a time. You will have to wait for the previous CSV to finish processing before you attempt to process another CSV for download.

Exporting Contacts

Refer to the photo below on how to export all contacts in one go.

Notion image

To select all contacts, navigate to the Contacts tab. First click the top left checkbox. Then, click where it says "Click to Select All Matching Contacts". At this point all contacts in Avochato are selected. If you click "Download (.csv)" they will all begin exporting.

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