How to set-up, assign, search, clean-up, and customize tags.

Tags are a powerful tool to keep track of your audience and segment a large contact list into smaller, more manageable groups.

Common uses of tags include (but not limited to):

  • Geographic location
  • Job position
  • Related to particular campaigns
  • Internal vs. external (employee of your company vs. client)
  • Broadcasting with Tags: You can also use tags as a method to select a broadcast audience. Learn more about broadcasting here.

How do I set up Tags?

Navigate to Settings > Tags and at the top, write the name for a new tag in the box where it says “A helpful tag name” and click “Add”. Please note that Tags are case-sensitive.


You can tag each contact with as many or as few tags as you’d like. Tagging also provides a useful way to keep track of which contacts to send broadcasts to.

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How do I assign tags to contacts?

There are several methods for tagging your audience:

1. Upload a CSV

The most efficient way to tag your contacts is by uploading a .csv file. When first uploading contacts, you can include a column titled “Tags.” In this column, include which tags you would like for each specific contact separated by commas.

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You can also use this method to add tags to existing contacts in Avochato.

2. Individually

Another method for tagging contacts is to individually assign a tag to a contact. Click into the specific contact, and on the right side of the screen click “Tags.” Start typing your desired tag and click on it from the dropdown menu. Repeat for all desired tags.

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3. From Contacts Page

By navigating to the “Contacts” tab in Avochato, you can pick and choose multiple contacts to tag at once.

Start by selecting which contacts you would like to tag using the boxes to the left of the contact names. Once you have made a selection you can begin to type the desired tag in the “Tag selected contacts” box and click “Add.” You can either choose an existing tag or create a new tag.

4. Auto-create tags

We have functionality to auto-create a tag based on custom location fields. Please note that this needs to be enabled, so please reach our to our support team help you with this feature - the import_city_zip will need to be enabled on the account.

  • When you upload a CSV of contacts, we will then also tag the contact with city/state/zip attached to that contact.
  • This auto-create is exclusive only to the city/zip/state fields in the contact and not available for anything else.

What can I do with Tags?

Clean up Tags

You have the ability to clean up tags in Avochato, deleting all existing tags with no contacts assigned to them. From Settings > Tags at the bottom of the page, click “Clean up Tags”


You can customize each Tag’s title, name, users, expiration date, and color by going to Settings > Tags > Edit for the particular tag.

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Expiration Dates

Tags by default do not expire. However, you have the ability to set a deletion date in the Edit tag menu. Contacts that were assigned that particular tag will remain in Avochato but they will no longer have the specific tag. Note, this does not delete the tag altogether, it will just remove it from that certain contact after XX number of days.

Searching by tags

There are several commands that can be used to narrow down contact results in the contact page. Note that all tags and commands are case sensitive.

  • tags: “A” AND NOT tags: “B”
  • tags: “A” AND tags: “B”
  • tags: “A” OR tags: “B”

By using these commands, you can narrow down a desired list of contacts, and from there create a new tag to pull up this list easily in the future.

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