Unaddressed Conversations

Keep track of tickets that need your attention.

Unaddressed conversations are an organizational feature in Avochato to help keep track of tickets that need your attention and those that do not. To the left of each ticket in the “Messages” tab is an organge flag that can be manually toggled on and off. A ticket becomes unaddressed automatically any time you receive an inbound message and have not yet replied.

On the left side of Avochato there is an inbox icon. The counter on the inbox icon represents the total number of Unaddressed conversations.

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How Do I Address a Conversation?

Conversations become addressed (the flag is cleared) either by sending a response, closing the conversation or by manually clicking the orange flag if no response is necessary.

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What about Auto-Responses, Surveys, and Keywords?

Auto-Responses, surveys, and keyword responses do not change the status of a ticket. Only messages that are manually sent by a human will update the status.

How do Broadcasts affect Unaddressed Statuses?

Broadcasting will not change the addressed status of a ticket. A ticket that is unaddressed will remain unaddressed even if you send that contact a broadcast message.

How do I sort by Unaddressed?

The red badge on your inbox icon to the left side of your screen indicates the total number of unaddressed tickets within that account. You can also filter tickets by Unaddressed status in the dashboard by clicking “Filters & Sort” > Unaddressed Only and then "Click to Apply Changes".

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