Does Avochato Integrate with other Software?

Avochato integrates with Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams plus 2,000 more applications via Zapier.

Yes! Avochato has native integrations with SalesforceSlack, and Microsoft Teams. We also partner with Zapier to integrate with over 2,000 applications.

How do I set up an integration? Is it included in my plan?


Text or Call directly from a Salesforce record and automatically track all touch-points within a Salesforce instance. Sync contact data and custom fields to new or existing records in Salesforce. You can also visit our AppExchange listing directly to purchase seats and begin the installation.


Customers on our Standard plan and above have access to our Slack integration. You can learn more about our Slack Integration here.

Microsoft Teams

Keep track of all your customer communications with Avochato’s Microsoft Teams integration. The Teams Integration is included with our Standard plan and above at no additional cost. Navigate to the AppSource listing to download and get started.


Standard plans and above have access to our Zapier integration. Zapier allows you to connect your Avochato account to hundreds of other apps and services.

If you are interested in getting your account set up with Zapier, reach out to your account manager at: (415) 214-8977 to learn more.


We support IdP-initiated SSO through our out of the box Okta integration. Learn how to set up this integration here.

Full API Access

For customers who would prefer to build their own custom integration with Avochato, we allow full API Access for those with a Standard Plan or above for $30/month. Learn how to generate API tokens and leverage the Avochato API here.

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