Skill Routing via Contact Tags

With skill routing, you have the ability to route tickets to dedicated agents. This is accomplished by adding tags and making them routable. All tags can be turned into routable skill tags. First, go to Settings > Conversation MGMT and toggle Enable Skill Routing On. Note, this will enable skilling for that specific inbox only. If you have multiple inboxes and want to enable skilling, this process will need to be repeated.

To make a tag “routable”, edit a tag under Settings > Tags > Click Edit > Use for Routing On > Click Update.

When a contact has a routable tag, Avochato auto-assignment will match conversations and agents based on the agent’s skill tags. Agents can edit their skill tags under their profile. This can also be changed by Managers and Owners in Avochato if they have “Organizational MGMT” enabled (Invite Users > Actions).

For example, when a contact with the “lead” tag texts into the inbox and creates a new ticket, Avochato will attempt to assign that ticket to a user with the “lead” skill tag. Conversation limits and other auto-assignment rules configured within the account still apply when deciding which user gets assigned a ticket.

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