Office Hours Based On Agent Availability

Set-up schedules depending on your business hours or agent availability.

In Avochato, you can configure office hours to fit your business requirements. By default, office hours will respect the schedule that you set up under Settings > Office hours.

If you utilize our auto-assignment roster, you can have office hours adhere to your team’s availability. When the below feature is toggled on, you will be ‘open’ when a team member is marked “available”. If no agents are available, you will be outside of office hours.

This feature overrides any existing office hours and is useful for distributed teams that do not work fixed schedules.

Notion image

Note: In order to toggle availability, an agent needs to be part of the Auto-Assignment Roster. Users that are not on the roster (admins, etc) are excluded when using this feature to calculate if your team is “online”.

Widget Availability

If you use our website widget for live chat or SMS, you can apply the same logic to the widget. When a team member is available, the widget will be displayed on your website.

Configure this setting under Website Widget > Customize Appearance

Notion image

If no agents are available, you can disable the widget or only allow for SMS conversations (disable live chat).

Notion image

This is useful for teams with support teams that can only be accessed while the agents are available.

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